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At Direct Expressions we have...

A Flair for the Unconventional

We here at Direct Expressions have a flair for the unconventional.  Namely, our opinions ... experiences ... and ideas are regularly in conflict with the mainstream ... ordinary ... or popular. 

This is not of choice, however, but of necessity.  For we find the conventional to often be imbecilic and moronic in its deduction.

It's the conventional - New Era - wisdom of the day that we take issue with; not the traditional.  Where the traditional has proven its value over time ... the popular "ism" of the day is forever cheap and often destructive. 

So where the physical sciences continue to offer exceptional promise ... social and political discourse remains to offer exceptional quackery.

That's our experience.  And why not?

The conventional wisdom is often nothing more than the result of something being repeated over and over again until enough people come to follow or believe it - whether right or not.

So when we find our opinions ... experiences ... and ideas in conflict with the New Era thinking of the day... 

We become curious, and are compelled to ask "Why?"

We Value the Private

Although we have a flair for the unconventional, we are not flamboyant.  To the contrary we value the private.  For the private life is humble, while the public life is pretentious.

That's not to say that there's not a place in the public for some.  But for us, we choose to look to it for comedy and instruction. 

Similar to gawking and pointing at a grotesque hippopotamus in the zoo, we find grand amusement when a swindling public official proclaims "I haven't committed a crime.  What I did was fail to comply with the law." [David Dinkins, Former New York City Mayor].

We appreciate this sort of public drivel ... the same way we appreciate a blustering board commissioner.  We relish its rich absurdity and savor its ripe conceit.  And while we may take a moment to giggle and revel in its buffoonery, we may later ask...

Why are some individuals obliged to make public spectacles of themselves? 

And we may also ask...

Is there something instructive we can learn from it?

Using a little imagination...

We can surmise that for every less-than-worthy cause there's a public gas blower willing to forgo the aid of clear thinking and edict babble and illogical blather. 

We can remind ourselves of the virtue of humility and the value of the private. 

And we can be content in the blessing that we aren't the degenerate joker wafting sulfurous hocus-pocus while masquerading as a public do-gooder. 

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