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Southern California's Most Inspiring Coastal City

Direct Expressions is wittingly located in Long Beach, CA - Southern California's most inspiring coastal city.

Our reasons for inhabiting this locale are really quite simple...  Because it's where we can best consider different ideas ... explore the unknown ... and pursue the limits of imagination.

You see...

Where Los Angeles is of colossal glamour ... San Diego of natural beauty ... and Orange County of the posh...

Long Beach is of inspired spirit that elevates the imagination and encourages individual ideas and expressions.

And we here at Direct Expressions find this to be the ideal environment for considering different ideas ... directly publishing the expressions we develop ... and more.

Take a look...


And here's the Historic Queen Mary at night...


Long Beach's excellent climate, averaging 345 days of sunshine a year, shoreline beauty, vibrant culture, and unique version of the Southern California lifestyle make it a magnificent place to be.

If you happen to be in the area, please Contact Us to schedule a time to meet.  We would be interested in the opportunity to get to know you.

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