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Through our specialty publications we target information, thoughts and opinions that bring you a fuller - more rewarding - life.

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Direct Expressions Publications

How To Protect Your Wealth And Profit During
Financial Disaster
- This must be the world's most
invaluable -- and profitable -- Handbook.  Where you'll discover the world's best ways to protect your wealth
and profit during financial disaster.

Why Gold is True and Honest Money - Inside this important and invaluable white paper you'll find many of your suspicions of paper money uncovered.  And you'll get explicit instructions on what to do.

Surviving The Next Great Depression -- Unknown Secrets from The French Revolution.  How to Avoid Sir Isaac Newton's Folly... Protect Your Hard Earned Wealth...And Cone Out Ahead During The Next Great Depression.

"Don't Drag Me Down" - Letters of Opposition from the 'Masters' of Dissent - Explore these timeless masterpieces today.  True American classics by Henry David Thoreau, Ambrose Bierce, H.L. Mencken, and Mark Twain.

Affiliate Publications

High Yield Investing - High Yield Investing specializes in
high-yield, income paying stocks -- companies that pay rich dividends and deliver strong long-term capital gains.

The ETF Authority – The mission of the ETF Authority
is to help its readers identify today’s most
profitable ETFs and closed-end funds.

Market Advisor – Market Advisor is a diversified investing service that covers income investments, undervalued
stocks, aggressive growth plays, international
investments, exchange-traded funds, and just
about everything else in between.

Half-Priced Stocks – Each month the dedicated independent research staff at Half-Priced Stocks uncovers undervalued bargain-priced stocks by using a proven, time-tested technique called Discounted Cask Flow (DCF) Modeling.

Cheap Car Tips and Tricks - Discover how to quickly and easily make your car run better, drive smoother, last
longer, and cost you less at the dealer's, the
auto mechanics, and at the pumps!

Overcoming Insomnia - How I Overcame Insomnia -
Without Seeing a Shrink or Taking Dangerous
Sleeping Pills or Other Prescription Drugs.

Stroke Prevention - Stroke Victim Wants to Share These Life-Saving Secrets with You...  Before It's Too Late!

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Why Gold is True and
Honest Money

White Paper - Why Gold is True and Honest Money 

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